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Fluoroscopic Radiation Safety Training (Up to 8 CMEU)
This online course on Radiation Awareness Safety Training for Fluoroscopy is provided in video format with voiceover commentary in five separate modules and meets all criteria for 8 CMEU as specified in the Texas Administrative Code Title 25, Part 1, Chapter 289, subchapter E, rule §289.227(m)(9)(E) which became effective May 1, 2013. Requirements for other States are also met by this program. Content of these video modules include:
  • principles of radiation protection
  • biological effects of xray radiation
  • principles of fluoroscopic systems
  • operation of fluoroscopic systems used for interventional purposes
  • fluoroscopic exposure (air kerma) outputs
  • high level control options
  • dose reduction techniques
  • procedures for recording pertinent data as required by regulation
Physicians and/or their assistants may select from two 8-CMEU programs. Choose the one that best suits your practice, depending on the type of equipment they use. The first program specializes in fixed in-room angiographic type fluoroscopy commonly used in cardiology, vascular radiology, and neurointervention. The second specializes in mobile C-arm fluoroscopy and in GI-type fluoroscopic systems that are commonly used by surgeons, pain management specialists, gastroenterologists, pulmonologists, and other physicians. Each program is similar in length and physicians may choose the one that best matches their practice. Watch the video clip for an excerpt of the program.

Group Discounts Available
If you have 9 or more participants requiring 8-CMEU call 1-800-239-1361 for group pricing.

Fluoroscopic Radiation Safety Training (2 CMEU)
Supplemental CMEU are available for physicians who already have 6 CMEU and need 2 extra CMEU to satisfy the State of Texas regulations. (Texas Administrative Code Title 25, Part 1, Chapter 289, subchapter E, rule §289.227(m)(9)(E) which became effective May 1, 2013.) Content of this online supplemental program is designed to assure compliance with Texas regulations.

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Available April 2014

Self Study Manual

Earn up to 6 CMEU. View the Order Form.

Minimizing Risks from Fluoroscopic X Rays*

This program available for up to 6 CMEU. Accreditation expires 31 May 2014. This program meets regulatory requirements in many states. This program also convenient for self-paced learning. A revised version of this program will be available soon. Order the present program at no risk. The new program will be shipped to you free of charge when it becomes available.

Click here to download the Order Form For Self-Study Hard Copy Program:
"Minimizing Risks from Fluoroscopic X Rays"
  • Individual Program $95
  • License for Hospital or Other Facility $950
  • Contact for additional information
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